Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Lazy Sunday

Blogging just for the sake of doing it is not much fun. I need to really surf around and look at other people's blogs. They all seem so much more interesting than mine could ever be. I just don't really have much to say. I could use this as some sort of online journal, but I don't even have much to journal about right now. I've seen people use blogs as more of an index of their online website finds with links and photos. Those are usually the ones that are the most interesting to READ, but I also think they are the ones that are probably the most WORK to MAKE. I don't really want my blog to become a JOB. I think mostly I would like to have a blog to just share with my family and friends. You know, something they can read to keep up with the "goings on" of my family and myself and maybe have some interesting things for them to enjoy, websites I've found they might like, etc.

But for now...this blog is still just really a place I'm saving that might grow into some form of communication for me. I'm not sure what form it's going to take and I feel completely "blank" about it.

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