Friday, May 18, 2007

Again questioning....what happened on 9/11?

This is the FIRST account of 9/11 regarding possible government involvement that I have found to be this credible. It is full of news accounts (by major news media) that were censored from our viewing at the time of the events, and also the expert testimony of physicists and analysts we've not aforeto heard from. Please....if you are a U.S. citizen....take the time to WATCH this.

Okay, I'm not generally a "quick to jump to conspiracy theories" sort of person. I have been highly resistant to even considering the posibility up until now. I've been guilty of LAUGHING at people who considered it. I'm not laughing NOW.

True, I don't trust the U.S. Government any further than I can throw the lot of them, BUT...I've never been much on "conspiracy theory" overall. And yet I seem to see more and more accounts of things from 9/11, by people that were there, by scientists, by experts in many fields, that somehow I never saw the first time around.

Is it possible that the terrorists (if that is what we choose to believe) were able to infiltrate the buildings weeks beforehand and lay out timed explosives throughout with no one knowing? Or is it possible that, heaven forbid, this was the result of something even MORE terrible than an attack from OUTSIDE our country? I'm open to believing that anything is possible. Yet I don't come down on either side of the fence on this....not YET.

What do YOU think? 9/11 Revisited

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