Thursday, December 17, 2009

Save Hope

This week's 100 Word Challenge. Why not join us?

Save hope, breath be nothing more than the ticking of a clock

Tic toc Tic toc

It counteth away the beats of a heart tis all but stone

Ticking away, beckoning a finality

An existence with not beginning, neither end, void of purpose

Be there nothing for which one would die
Neither for which one should live

To have not life, aye neither death, but only incessant drudgery
A pseudo-mechanical time-keeping

Forging onward toward one sure end that will neither be felt, nor  missed

Alas we are not this, 

but rather hope manifest in flesh


  1. I will surely dwell upon this post with every clock I pass today...

  2. Beautiful! A lifeless clock, but Time? Ah, now that's something else entirely.

  3. Oh the clock - our best friend at times and our worst enemy at other times!


  4. The clock - our friend, our foe - but wonderfully drawn here.