Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thoughts on Polarity

We are a strange species. We fall in love...and we're foolish in love. We get our hearts broken...and we break hearts. We're so seemingly unique in this universe, although there may be others...but I wonder if they are as crazy as we. We make ourselves crazy with all of our emotions and obsessions.

We write poems and songs, so full of emotion...we give and love...we rage and murder...we medicate ourselves to keep from feeling...we hate our numbness and do extreme things, seeking adrenaline highs, to feel again.

We're contradictory in almost everything we do. We believe that we believe one way, but we find our actions are incongruous with our beliefs...we wonder IF we believe. We search...we find...then we bury much of what we learn of ourselves deep in our subconscious minds, hoping the truths, both beautiful and awful, will not find light again, for both the beautiful and the ugly us to account.

We're painfully transparent...yet we also omit truths and hide our flaws, as if anyone equally human would believe our projected flawlessness. We lie. We hate liars. We condemn violent criminals to die for taking a life, or lives...we take theirs, payback's a bitch, you know....

We are so lacking in consistency. We are incongruous as a society, and often even within our individual selves. We loathe contradiction and hypocrisy...and we BREED it. Order and chaos...yin yang...polarity...would the Earth spin wildly off her axis if all of this seeming contradiction ceased? Is it all part of the natural balance of existence? Is that, in some strange way, what holy scriptures of all faiths tell us in their own historical and mythological accounts? They too are contradictory within themselves. Perhaps there is some kind of strange magic in that truth...

Is it all just necessary polarity?


  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (I am not a professional disciple but aware) the goal is to teach people to tolerate these exact incongruities so the black and white thinking, that makes life so judgemental and painful can be unlearned. It is a wise and interesting post~

  2. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I just read my last comment on your other blog- I must have this issue on my mind too! At least I'm consistent about something- ironic!

  3. There is always a Yin and Yang in life...just can't get away from it. Great post!


  4. And isn't that the very definition of humanity? We're a great big blob of contradictions.